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Strategica management consulting and training services include:
Strategic planning
We help organizations survive and thrive in the face of change, marketplace and political demands. We provide international-caliber strategic planning services in a form that is appropriate for our clients.
Lean/Six Sigma Process Improvement
We help organizations redesign core business processes to eliminate redundant and wasteful activities and focus the results on what their customers really need.
Organizational Design
We work with clients to think through ways to refine organizational structures to truly unlock the potential of their people.
Performance Measurement
We assist clients in assessing and developing performance measurement systems including indicators, targets and benchmarks. We also help them develop ways to report on performance and get the word out on their achievements.
Performance Benchmarking
Managers always want to know how they stack up against peers and competitors. We can tap into rich data sources to provide this benchmark data and help our clients learn and thrive from it.
Management Reviews & Audits
Many public sector clients undertake management or performance audits from time to time. We take a consultative approach to these projects to ensure that they are win-win endeavors for all the parties involved.
Contact: David Howe dhowe1000@gmail.com 425-427-5269
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